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Villarreal tower in Valencia Province(vila-real)

Villarreal, Vila-real in Valencian, is a town in eastern Spain, in the province of Castelló, in the Land of Valencia. Founded in 1274 by King James I of Aragon (hence its name: Vila-real, "King's Town"). The village, surrounded by defensive walls, was expanded to the outskirts in the14th century, under the protection of the King of Valencia.

Villarreal Drywall has been in Houston for over 20 years.  In 2005, Villarreal Drywall expanded to San Antonio.  Our Houston and San Antonio branches have a close relationship and do whatever it takes to help one another.  Villarreal Drywall encourages group activities and trainings to keep a team-oriented atmosphere.

The new branch in San Antonio is under the care of Dennis Cronan, Jesus Muniz and Mario Martinez. They have demonstrated to all builders and generals that our work ethic, quality and service is second to none.

Spanish art and architecture is an important part of Spain’s culture. Many architectural sites in Spain, and even portions of cities, have been designated World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Spain has the second highest number of World Heritage Sites in the world (40sites); only Italy has more.

Villarreal drywall understands the importance of providing a beautiful Tuscan, Country French or old world Finish and we also love the fact that we can provide a sleek, sophisticated, smooth-wall contemporary finish.

Villarreal Drywall understands that quality and a vision for perfection is essential to providing a finish that is desired by both the designer and end user.

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